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Jennifer Christian

Executive Director


Alison Thompson

Board Member

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Dr. James Mason III

Board Member


Kimberly Moss

Board Member

My Girl's goal is to provide young girls a community filled with hope and involvement into each other's lives. An organization showing young girls the positives that are available to them instead of the negatives, on a daily basis. The excitement we receive from not only promoting the best for young girls but to also see the impact and positive role models in society they become by being extraordinary. Watching youth girls grow to become college graduates, continuing their friendships as well as mentoring to others has pushed our passion to continue this mission to not only support other organizations but to know there’s an even greater need to help young girls be the best they can be, inspire others and know their importance in society.
Our goal is to inspire girls to know they matter; that education is important, and to not be afraid of where they come from, ashamed of who they are, and be proud of where they're going. 

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